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ciovo mapIsland Čiovo is located in central Dalmatia, protecting the city of Trogir and Kaštela gulf. On its SE part it is only two km distant from the cape Marjan, on its northern part it is connected to the mainland with a small bascule bridge in the old centre of Trogir, and actually Trogir spread itself onto the island. Besides the portion of Trogir, on the island there are several villages: Arbanija, Žedno, Okrug Gornji, Okrug Donji, Slatine and Prizidnica.
The vegetation is typically Mediterranean, consisting mainly in understory (holm oak, myrtle, wormwood, juniper etc.). On the northern side (exposed to the wind bura are forests of pine and cypress. Major crops include olives, figs, almonds, vines and citrus fruit. 
In the Middle Ages, Čiovo had many villages and it was a place for lepers. Remainings of the pre-Romanesque church of St. Peter have been found near Slatine, in the Supetar cove. The medieval church of St. Maurice (Sv. Mavro) has been preserved in Žedno and the pre-Romanesque church of Our Lady near the Sea (Gospa pokraj mora). The population of Čiovo increased in the 15th century through the settlement of refugees who fled from the Turks.[2] Simultaneously, the suburban areas of Trogir also extended to Čiovo. There are several settlements on island Čiovo, each of them providing many private apartments and houses for vacation:


Arbanija is a small but a well-known tourist village situated on a lovely island of Čiovo which is connected to the Town of Trogir by a bridge. The whole island is known for its beaches, pine woods and numerous little villages. Arbanija is an ideal place for vacation for families who wish to enjoy all the facilities of the tourist offer, but also to keep their privacy and relax in distant and secluded coves.

Okrug Donji

Okrug Donji is a lovely tourist resort on the island of Čiovo, connected with the city of Trogir with a movable bridge. It is situated 40km from Split and it is known for magnificent beaches and numerous coves. It is an ideal place for holiday, especially for families with children that prefer peace and quiet during the evenings, although the proximity of Trogir guarantees an excellent summer program, concerts and cultural events during the whole season.

Okrug Gornji

Okrug Gornji is an ideal tourist destination for families with children. Situated 30 km from Split, it is connected with the town of Trogir by a movable bridge. It is a popular destination of numerous tourists because of the quiet, tranquility, magnificent nature as well as sandy and shallow beaches ideal for small children. For all the lovers of night life, theatre street performances, concerts and music, nearby Trogir will not fail to meet the expectations of most demanding visitors. Bays like Duga,Tatinja and Movarštica are beautiful places for rest but also for water sports and fishing underwater.


Miševac is a tourist resort, situated on the island of Čiovo and very near to the ancient city of Trogir. It is known for sandy and shallow beaches. The whole area attracts tourists since it is a historical site together with the city of Trogir. The only place for going out in Miševac are the taverns which offer Croatian specialties, but Trogir and Split will meet all your expectations regarding entertainment.


Slatine is a location situated on the island of Ciovo, only 7 km from the city of Trogir. It is a small port but also an ideal place for all those who like to get away from the frenzy of the city life. Olive trees, vineyards and lovely pebbly and rocky beaches are the most characteristic traits of this tourist destination. If you are keen on sports, you can also find numerous possibilities for sport activities on the water as well. If you do not have all the equipment, you can rent it right on the spot.


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